Chicken Drumsticks (6pc)
Rs 850

Spicy minced chicken seasoned with authentic Chinese spices fried to perfection. Served with our signature pan sauce.

Chicken Dumplings (6pc)
Rs 750

Hand made daily by our chefs, our dumplings are filled with delicately spiced chicken and served either Steamed or Fried. Served with our signature pan sauce or chilli and ginger infused soya sauce.

Dynamite Prawns (150 gm)
Rs 1400

Succulent deep-fried battered prawns tossed in our zesty dynamite sauce.

Chicken & Vegetable Spring Rolls (6pc)
Rs 550

Seasoned minced chicken and vegetables in our handmade roll wrappers. Served with wanton sauce.

Weave Ball Prawns (6pc)
RS 1250

Deep fried prawns coated in a spicy prawn and cheese mix and covered in crispy strips. Served with signature pan sauce.

Honey Glazed Chicken Wings (6pc)
Rs 695

Hot and Spicy chicken wings glazed in honey and chillies. Finished with green onions and sesame seeds.

Tempura Prawns (6pc)
Rs 1450

Delicious tempura battered jumbo prawns. Served with our signature pan sauce.